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Is it too risky to skip a home inspection?

Tyler Merson
Tyler Merson March 15th, 2022

In a word, yes! In a hot real estate market, buyers often feel pressure to make their offer more attractive to the seller by taking steps like bidding over the asking price or increasing the down payment. But skipping the home inspection, with the chance to uncover expensive problems with the house, is too great a risk.

In a recent article on NerdWallet.com, writer Kate Wood discusses this topic in detail.

If you feel you must skip a home inspection in the contract phase of the process, consider asking for a “walk-through” or “informational” inspection rather than an inspection contingency. You (and your inspector) won’t get the full three hours of a standard inspection, but it’s better than nothing. Do insist upon seeing the seller’s disclosure statement before the walk-through. This will give the inspector some clues about what to look for.

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